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In addition to owning and operating the Alltwalis Wind Farm, Statkraft owns the Rheidol Hydro-Electric Scheme.

The largest of its kind in England and Wales, Rheidol has generated renewable energy since 1962, by using the rainwater that falls on the surrounding mountains.

Located within and above the scenic valley of the River Rheidol near Aberystwyth, the scheme is made up of an interconnected group of reservoirs, dams, pipelines, aqueducts and power stations, and covers a total area of 162 square kilometers. The annual energy production is about 85 GWh - enough to power 12,350 homes.

Rheidol is home to Statkraft's UK visitor centre where you can learn more about pure energy and get information on driving around the scenic upland reservoirs, walking along a delightful nature trail or fishing for trout in one of the three lakes.

For further information, or to arrange a guided tour of the power station, please call the switchboard on 01970-880667 or click here.

To download a leaflet about Rheidol, please click here.

To download our brochure, please click here.